For a man who was rendered a limited quadriplegic after a slip and fall on ice on the stoop of his apartment building.  The landlord was held responsible for the injuries to his tenant.


For a chiropractor who was hit by a car, causing right elbow injury and rendering him disabled and unable to return to his chiropractic practice


After a trial verdict of $1,850,000 for a man involved in a car accident which caused him to undergo rotator cuff surgery and fractured femur


For a construction worker who fell from a height and was not provided with proper safety equipment, resulting in his death


For a man involved in a car accident after his car was hit in the rear by another driver on the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway causing back/neck injuries


Client awarded full custody of his two children, who were returned to him after his wife fled New York and brought them to Florida


For a woman bitten by a dog causing scarring on hands, face, arms and legs.  Homeowner was held responsible for the pitbull attack.

Confidential Settlement

For a woman exposed to mold while renting a basement apartment


For a woman who slipped and fell on chicken skin negligently left in supermarket aisle


After a custody trial in Supreme Court, Nassau County, father was awarded full legal and residential custody of his daughter and son


For a man who was t-boned by a motor vehicle while riding his motorcycle, requiring splenectomy


For a child scalded by burning water from a faucet not regulated by the landlord

Confidential Settlement

For a legal malpractice claim against his former attorney who improperly drafted a contract, causing years of litigation between the parties


After a medical malpractice trial for a woman whose tonsils were improperly removed


For a client who tripped and fell on loose carpeting at her son’s house, causing a shoulder fracture


Client was charged with a Violation of Conditional Discharge in Nassau County, which was dismissed after we were able to prove the client was not responsible for the violation


In Bronx County, for a man who underwent back surgery due to lumbar disc displacement/disc herniation after a car accident.  No property damage was claimed.


For a woman who suffered injuries after falling through the gap at the LIRR

Confidential Settlement

In Federal Court located in Trenton, New Jersey, for a woman who suffered severe burns as the result of a defective pressure cooker