Do I Need to Use all the Modules?

The modules are here for you to pick and choose from. If you just want a testimonial page from our list of amazing mods then thats all you have to use. If you are interested in using this Frequently asked questions accordion let make it happen.

How many images can I load into the image gallery?

You are able to load-up as many images as you need into the image gallery. You can also divide the images into different categories. You will be able to upload images in batches of 20, but you can load up as many as you need.

How will I learn how to load images into the image gallery?

You will be given a training in using you new image gallery after we go live with your new site.

Do the testimonials that display on site need to come from website?

No. You are able to add as many testimonials you may need using your admin panel.

Can I add images to the testimonial?

Yes you are able to add one image to each testimonial.

How will the Calendar look if viewed on a phone?

On a phone the calendar module will only display the dates that have events.

Am I able to put in an event that spans multiple days?

Yes you are able to create events that span a couple of days within one month and/or ones that span through to the next month.

What is a listing module and what is it used for?

A listing module can be used for a multitude of different purposes. Though it was created to display and store information about real-estate listings it can be useful to store information about staff in your company, job listings that are being offered through you business or news stories that you want posted on your site.

How many images can I add to a listing?

Listings can house as many images as need be. Depending on the kind of listing you are displaying you will be able to have a thumbnail in the listing page and then as many images as you desire on the listing detail page which can display as either a slideshow or image gallery.

What should I blog about on my site?

It good to blog about things that pertain to the kind of work that your company does. This is useful because it is informative to your clients and also add search engine optimization value to site.